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ROCeltic is a Rochester-based dance company founded in 2019 by Briana Blair Kelly. ROCeltic celebrates Irish heritage - past, present, and future - through dance and music. Progressive, with a traditional foundation, ROCeltic strives to break down genre barriers and unearth the unique choreographic potential of Irish dance through fusion and collaboration. 

We work with incredible Irish musicians and composers who are also intrigued by the idea of fusion. If you'd like to hear some of the music we use, look up Tim Benson! He is a local musician and his compositions have been a part of ROCeltic right from the start. He, along with other local musicians, have also performed in various ROCeltic shows! We love to include live music when possible!

ROCeltic is not strictly Irish dancers or dancers who have Irish dance experience. We utilize other dance forms, such as tap and contemporary, to explore the idea of fusion. We want our company members to be diverse; each member bringing something unique to the company. ROCeltic offers a creative environment where company members from various cities, towns, colleges, and dance schools can come together to explore and create. 

ROceltic performs all over central and western New York. Last year ROCeltic performed at the Cobblestone Arts Center, the Finger Lakes Celtic Festival, the Genesee Country Village and Museum's Celtic Faire, the Canandaigua Culture Festival, Dances at MuCCC, Dances at MuCCC in the Rochester Fringe Festival, the Niagara Celtic Festival, and Nazareth University's World Music and Dance Festival. ROCeltic's largest show each year is the Rochester Fringe Festival. We create a new show each year that premieres at the Rochester Fringe Festival in September. Out 2023 Rochester Fringe Fetsival show was "ROCeltic Hybridity, Identity, and Roving Irishness". We are celebrating our 5th Anniversary in our 2024 Fringe show!  ROCeltic was also the opening act for the international Celtic rock band, Enter The Haggis, in 2022!

ROCeltic continues to add more performances each year, offering our company members many performance opportunities. This is a professional dance company and we strongly believe our dancers should be compensated for their time and effort. We appreciate our dancer's dedication to ROCeltic and are inspired by the passion they bring to each rehearsal and performance. ROCeltic was created simply because we love to dance and want to share that passion and excitement with our audiences. That passion has only strengthened with time and we can't wait to see what the future holds for ROCeltic! 

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